Stuart Rubenstein, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Certified Mohel
Former Chief of Pediatrics,
Scripps Memorial Hospital,
La Jolla, CA

Honored Roles and Form

Below is a list of honored roles that your guests may play at the Bris. Also, please fill out the form below which includes information necessary for the ceremony.

  • Sandak: This is the most honored role. Traditionally, given to a Grandfather. This person will help hold the baby while the Bris is performed. This person must be Jewish.
  • Sandak sheni: This is the second sandak. This person holds the baby during the baby naming ceremony. It is optional. The parents may perform this role.
  • Kvatter (male) and Kvatterin (female): This is a couple who brings the baby into the room where the Bris will take place. They are colloquially known as the Godparents.
  • Candle Lighter: Generally a relative or close friend(s). No prayer is given.
  • Bris reader(s): This is optional but a special way to celebrate the Bris. I will supply you with several readings but feel free to have yourself or the reader design their own reading.
  • Kiddush cup and Sabbath candles: If these have special significance (family heirloom, wedding gifts, etc.) please note below so I can make reference to them at the Bris.
Your Baby's Full English Name (First, Middle, Last)
Your Baby's Hebrew Name
Baby Named After:
Father's Full English Name
Father's Hebrew Name
Mother's Full English Name
Mother's Hebrew Name
Sandak sheni
Candle Lighter
Bris Reader
Will a Rabbi be present at the ceremony?
Significance of Kiddush Cup and Candlesticks
Directions to Bris ( phone number and e-mail)
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